Chinese Censorship, Falling Prices, Illegal Mining & More: Bad Crypto News of the Week

The Bitcoin Clock ticks on—less than 52 days now before the next halving—and let’s hope that Bitcoin still has value when that happens. Trader Peter Brandt isn’t optimistic. He sees Bitcoin in a race with gold to hit $1,000. Then again, in January, he thought BTC wouldn’t reach $6,000. And there has been something of a rebound.

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China's Government Censorship Agency Is Hiring a Crypto Expert

The state-level Chinese government agency responsible for censoring media output in the country may soon have a cryptographer on the payroll – and with expertise in blockchain technology.

The research center of the State Administration of Press – which is directly administrated by the State Council – is looking for a cryptographer who “keeps abreast of the most advanced cryptography applications in areas such as blockchain.”

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